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The Solazzos | Kids & Families

One of the most fun things about photography is watching families interact and just be together. Sometimes I end up just watching and forget I’m supposed to be taking pictures! So many precious moments that are forever captured through still-frame shots. Those cute looks, big eyes, even the tears… I love how photography freezes those […]

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The McCaws | Families

I’m not sure how this family does it–they are truly amazing! Finding the energy it takes to keep an eye on these two active and precious kiddos is a daily feat, I’m sure. One of my favorite things about hanging out with this crew is watching my dear friend of 14 years be the wife […]

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The Ericksons | Maternity & Family

This family deserves a super-trooper award! None of them complained about the rain that had held off all day until, literally, the exact time that our session was starting. They didn’t let it phase them and they even had great attitudes about it! True Oregonians, these ones are! Not to mention, the woman carrying the […]

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Baby Beau | Newborn « Photo Macy - November 19, 2010 - 5:06 pm

[…] their lives. It’s just amazing to me to think back to just a few weeks before when we took photos of his mom while he was still nestled warm and cozy inside her […]

The Weidmans | Families

It’s always fun to spend an evening taking photos with folks who are special to you. We have loved watching this family grow from two to four over the past couple of years and enjoyed hanging out with them on one of the few beautiful September nights we had. Plus, they brought their own creative […]

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