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Mike + Katie and Family

What a gorgeous evening at Mt. Tabor! Lovely spot and lovely family!Love this double profile pic…Hello, sweet eyes!

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The L Family

What has two legs, red hair, bright blue eyes, the energy of puppy, and loves to run? This guy! And who loves this guy more than anyone else in the world? Pretty sure it’d be these two… We got to spend a very foggy Saturday morning with this great family a few weeks back. I […]

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Darci - June 2, 2012 - 10:45 pm

these are absolutely stellar, John!!

The Solazzos | Kids & Families

One of the most fun things about photography is watching families interact and just be together. Sometimes I end up just watching and forget I’m supposed to be taking pictures! So many precious moments that are forever captured through still-frame shots. Those cute looks, big eyes, even the tears… I love how photography freezes those […]

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