John & Erin

John and Erin Macy.

We have both been photography enthusiasts since high school. John, doing some work for his yearbook staff; Erin taking a course during her senior year and receiving a Minolta SLR for graduation. Throughout our college years and after we both continued pursuing photography as a hobby, at some point moving from film to digital cameras. When we were married in 2004, we chose to use the majority of the gift money we received to purchase our first semi-professional dSLR. This revolutionized our experience as photographers and we began to quickly learn more. Prior to our around-the-world adventure in 2008-09 we upgraded to the next level of dSLR and when we returned from our travel we took an additional step up, knowing we wanted to pursue photography professionally. In the summer of 2009 we launched Macy Photography, a family/kid/baby portrait focused photography business.

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