Kurt + Lisa

Looking out the window at the second at the rain and being chilled even though I am wearing four layers, I can hardly believe we were walking through the campus of Western Oregon University with these two on a gorgeous, sunny, hot day so recently! We were introduced to Kurt and Lisa through a mutual friend and had heard a bit of their story prior to meeting them, but how good it was to meet them in person and hear it ourselves. A big part of their recent past is the lung transplant Kurt had over a year ago, a necessary procedure because of his cystic fibrosis. Organ transplantion isn’t something you just have and walk away from, it requires a long recovery, daily management and future planning too–he may have to have another one some day down the road. I don’t know if we had ever met an organ recipient, but it certainly was evidence of how awesome modern medicine is and what a priceless gift organ donation can be.

I love this one–so academic and spring-love feeling…Proud alums of WOU! Lisa played volleyball here and although Kurt was a basketball guy, I think he’s a volleyball convert now and they are coaching a girls team together in Corvallis.When Kurt and I started emailing about location his first suggestion was a stop light. I thought it was an interesting request and he explained this was where the first sparks were ignited between he and Lisa. So, of course we had to go there! A stop light might seem a strange place for sparks to fly, but, as it turns out, it’s halfway between Corvallis (where he lived) and Monmouth (where she lived) and there’s a little roadside stand where they talked the night away. Clearly the rest is history!

So great to meet you guys! Your story and adventure has just begun–many blessings on the journey!


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