Tim & Daylan

Smiles and laughter were not hard to come by on this wedding day. In the short time we were privileged to spend with Tim and Daylan we learned one thing about them for certain–they enjoy being together and making each other laugh (often it’s Tim making Daylan laugh, but it’s contagious either way). And, they can be goofy–I suppose as a youth pastor and middle school teacher, respectively, it’s kind of a prerequisite. Even despite the clouds and sprinkles these two were joyful to hang out with and had plenty to smile about!

American Gothic, Tim and Daylan style

See what I mean?

This was very cool–Daylan’s grandfather conducted the beginning of the service so that Daylan’s dad could walk her down the aisle and give her away. Then, Daylan’s dad performed the remainder of the service.

Oh yeah, show us your colors!

The look on Daylan’s face (on the left) says to me, “Really, you just put the cake in your hand? What are you going to do with it now?” …and he fed her. =)

Hope you two newlyweds are doing awesome, laughing tons, and enjoying the start of another school year!

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