Ari & Garrett

Alright folks, this wedding is in the running for most fun wedding of the summer and you are about to see exactly why. The energy, emotion, and vibrance of this couple was contagious which means we took soooooo many pictures and have about a thousand to share. The word that keeps popping into my head when looking through the pics though is “series” because there were so many great photo series’. So, begging your pardon, indulge the series’ of photos, because they are faves of mine and, in my opinion, help express the feel of the day. Enjoy!

His footwear…

and hers…

Give me some sass…oh yeah! Looks like Carrie’s idea of sass is punching Brad–hey, everyone has their own interpretation (clearly)!

Not hard to pick CT out of a crowd!Garrett watching his beautiful bride walk down the aisle.

Presenting the Mister and Missus! Dance it out, people!

Not sure if you picked a winner from that little series above, but this girl was pretty sure it was her! =) Yummm…margarita cake!

Something we quickly learned when the dancing started: Persians know how to party! The dancing was something else!!! The only bummer was that I was holding a camera and couldn’t join in!

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