Taylor & Beth

You know there aren’t a lot of good love stories coming out of Iraq these days. I listen to NPR often and it’s just not an angle they are covering, but maybe they should consider starting to offer a more balanced perspective of love and war. Right? Taylor and Beth met just prior to shipping out to Iraq–both are trained medical professionals working at a military base hospital in Baghdad. They hung out a couple of times stateside, but the majority of their dating life has happened within the confines of the base they know as home for now. After way too many months on duty, they got to spend a solid month of R & R outside the Desert, bouncing from West to East Coast with a few stops in between. It was a privilege to record a little bit of their time here!

This silhouette shot was worth posting again even if you already saw it once on the sneak peek!

I just love Beth’s genuine laughter in the background in these two… I can’t recall what she’s laughing at, but she has such a beautiful smile when she’s doing it!

Seriously people, this was not staged. She really did bury her hands in her face while Taylor proudly displayed his awesome t-shirt.

Glad you guys made a Newberg stop! Fun hanging out and doing this mini-session with you!

Mauri and Sherry » just in - May 2, 2012 - 7:10 pm

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