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Big smiles from these two sweet kids, coming soon!

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The Petersons

Okay, seriously. The farther I got into editing this session, the more it confirmed my belief that the Peterson family truly enjoys one another. These aren’t fake it for the camera smiles–it’s the real deal. And oh how they adore that little guy (how could you not–check out the boots on that kid!). Keep enjoying, […]

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Oh the energy of a three-year-old. Pretty great, huh? Now, how can we bottle that and sell it…maybe that’s what’s in those 5 Hour Energy drinks? As you can see Marcus likes to have fun and, as an occupation, is pretty darn good at it! Not to mention being extra cute with that great smile! […]

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SNEAK PEEK: The Petersons

Can’t wait to start working on this session!

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Darlean Peterson - October 6, 2011 - 5:19 pm

Thank you for such a great experiece, we are looking forward to seeing all of the photos taken. We had such a great time with you during our session.