You May Have Noticed…

Have you taken note of our new logo? We have been using it for awhile now, but haven’t had a chance to give a huge shout out to our friend Andrea, of AndeeLynn Design, for her time and talent. She took our ideas and nailed it. An obviously gifted graphic artist, Andrea also is a talented painter–check out her website or her next art show to see for yourself!

In creating a logo, we wanted to incorporate an image that connected us to our time abroad. In our searching we stumbled on the koru, a symbol from New Zealand. The koru can be seen in many variations–it is representative of a unfurling silver fern which is a predominant image in Maori culture and is evident throughout NZ. It also symbolizes new life, the continuation and renewal of life, and hope for the future. Pretty beautiful, right?

Because we are slow, the holidays are ahead, and we are preparing for a baby to be born, it will take time before our website and blog are fully updated with the new image. Enjoy the gradual revealing of our new look!

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