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Our Photography Roles

When we began our photography business we did everything together--we both shot at sessions, edited together, consulted on bookings, met with clients, etc. In the past two years we have welcomed two amazing daughters into the world and have been adjusting accordingly. For now, John is our main photographer--the one you will most often see behind the lens. And Erin takes care of all the behind the scenes work--connection with clients, website and blog upkeep, photo editing, etc--and shoots as a second photographer during wedding season. Now and again Erin and the girls will join a photo session, but mostly when there is a playground involved.


Our Style

We are both very laid back individuals and we find this approach seems to work quite well in the photography world. One of our favorite things about photography sessions is getting to meet new people and learn about your world. We want to engage you in a relaxed way that helps you truly enjoy yourself. Our goal is always to have fun! Turns out the best photos are taken when you are having fun!


Our Love of Photography

The love of photography started for both of us in high school and throughout college we each had the reputation of being the one in a group with a camera. Both of us were early adopters of the digital camera (thanks, Grandma!) and when we got married we took almost all of the monetary gifts and bought our first digital SLR. This camera saw us through our first five years of marriage and was the camera we packed on our trip around the world.


We learned quite a bit about photography during our travel and, as it was a passion for us both, decided to pursue a part-time business when we returned home. Our first session was for some friends in May of 2009 and it grew from there! We continue to operate on a part-time basis, balancing life with two daughters, full time work (John), and play (pretty much our favorite thing to do!).


Our Life

The two girls keep us moving, for sure, but this isn't much of a change as we have always loved being active. John's favorite activity is surfing and Erin's is hiking--mountains or beach? It's always the question! Camping, gardening, cycling, backpacking, slack-lining, snow shoeing, hammocking (it's a real thing, trust me), and, of course, eating, are among our favorite ways to spend time. We have been involving the girls in all of these things and are hoping they find joy in the same things too.