Molly & Cameron

It’s such a joy to be able to photograph the wedding of a dear, long-time friend–especially when that friend has found such a great partner! One very memorable moment from the weekend came when I learned that Cameron left the very first date with Molly believing she was the one he wanted to marry. It didn’t take Molly too much time to believe the same and they have been moving toward this wedding day since then. The day was just perfect and the venue, Skamania Lodge, provided a breathtaking, and ever-changing backdrop as the clouds and sun danced together throughout the day.The flowers, by Bloomsbury of Kanaka Creek, were stunning!Here they come!The sweet bridal party of all-girl cousins…Introducing…Mr. & Mrs.!Thanks for allowing us to capture your day, Molly & Cameron! We are so excited for what is ahead for you! Love to you both!



Ansilla Barrandeguy - July 5, 2017 - 9:37 am

Lovely photos! Lovely couple! So happy for you Molly!

Bryan Rupp - July 7, 2017 - 9:52 am

So good guys!! Great work!!

Macy Family

If I am adding correctly, this is the 12th official photo session we have completed with these guys. Wow! A well-documented family! Doesn’t hurt they are related to us ;-). Of all of the sessions we have shot, this one just may be my favorite (okay, after the labor photos for each of the boys). I’m going to give the just-turned-one-year-old-Lincoln the credit for the added cuteness factor that put the whole thing over the top.

Griffith Family

Oh! The joy of these four! It’s contagious! Here are some of my favorites from their session…

Seniors: Carly!

Fall Family Time

Sure do loves these golden autumn evenings! They are quickly fleeting, as I look out at the wet October day. John caught some sweet pictures of these four hanging out together at Champoeg State Park–one of our favorite spots to shoot these days. Thanks to this crew for making it happen!