Seniors: Carly!

Fall Family Time

Sure do loves these golden autumn evenings! They are quickly fleeting, as I look out at the wet October day. John caught some sweet pictures of these four hanging out together at Champoeg State Park–one of our favorite spots to shoot these days. Thanks to this crew for making it happen!

Sweet mama and son

We try not to play favorites when it comes to photography, but these two are always a joy to capture. In a conversation with the mama after the session we were talking kids and parenting and she said of her son, “He is my dream!” Such a beautiful statement and you can see exactly that in her face and how these two interact. Just precious…

The B Family

Love getting the chance to shoot in our backyard (almost literally–we claim the acreage behind our house and the resort adjacent to that as our own ;-))! Thanks for making the trek out B Family! Y’all brought your A-game and you created a beautiful session!This one is my favorite–just being goofy together–love those smiles!

McCaw Family

What a special thing it is to be able to work with families year after year…we see these friends regularly, but there’s something about the annual photo session and that capturing of family moments that makes me sentimental as I look at the past photos, noting how much things change each year. Mostly it’s in the growing up of the children and the addition of new family members but I also love seeing, even in a still image, the maturing and evolving personalities.

Love you guys!